Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wine Blog Wednesday #70

One of my favorite people on social media, Lenn Thompson, Editor of the New York Cork Report, announced that Wine Blog Wednesday has returned (after a long hiatus).  I am not a dedicated wine blogger, or anything more than a amateur wine lover.  Nevertheless, I wanted to get involved in this.

The theme of WBW#70 is Spanish Wines - hosted by Catavino - bloggers specializing in  Spanish and Portuguese Wines.

I stopped into one of my favorite liquor stores - The Thirsty Cellar (a relatively new shop) in Wading River, NY.  They have a nice selection of wines from all over the world.  I read the descriptions of the wines that I could afford.  My personal budget was stretched this week due to a $450.00 trip to BJs Wholesale Club and an $850.00 service bill for my little Toyota.  I was easily able to pick out three bottles that I have not tried before.  And to my pleasant surprise, I found a 15% off coupon in the depths of my purse!

2009 Shaya Verdejo Old Vines White Wine ($12)
I chose this because it said old vines, the description said 'distinct minerality' and there was a cute deer on the label.  It smelled very nice.  (I was expecting a very bright aroma - my past experience with some whites from Spain/Portugal).  It had a light aroma of grass and hay.  I started to get excited.  I tasted pear, grass and apple pie apples (like a mixture of Golden Delicious and Granny Smith).  It was smooth and not too acidic.  For the price, this will now be my go-to white Spaniard!

2009 Tarima Monastrell Red Wine ($16)
I chose this because the description said gnarled vines, 'complex structure' and there was an awesome picture of a Passion Flower on the bottle.  I smelled licorice and earth.  Very nice!  Andrew smelled chocolate and raisins. I tasted the complex structure! - cherry/blueberry, spice, licorice and earth.  This wine had huge legs - 15% alcohol - which made it more alcohol-ly than smooth, but it was not harsh at all.  In fact, this was the best of the three.

2009 Venta Morales Tempranillo (Made with Organic Grapes) ($9)
I have been looking at this for awhile, but have chosen other bottles.  But for this blogging event, I couldn't resist.  I chose it for the Organic label and the cute ladybug.  This bold red smelled like mushrooms, earth, grass and a bit of turnips.  I tasted blueberry, mushrooms and grapes.  My mind was telling me that the wine was thick, yet at the same time somewhat bright.  I'll have to try it again to figure this out.

Then, we tried all three with food.  Andrew made a nice beef stir-fry with red peppers, onions and brussels sprouts.  All were wonderful with the food.  The white was equally good with or without food.  The Red  Monastrell opened up with food - the tastes of spice and blueberry were enhanced very nicely.  The Red Tempranillo was alot better with food.

This blog thing is working out for me.  I found three wines that I will definately enjoy again.  Thanks to Wine Blog Wednesday - I am more open to trying new things!


  1. These sound great Virginia, hmmm maybe we should have wine wednesday @ work :) Starting @ 7pm of course. Really enjoy reading your blog, you're a wonderful writer & your wine knowledge seems far from amateur.

  2. Wow! I picked up another bottle of the 2009 Tarima Monastrel Red at this same shop and it is now on sale for $10. What a total deal - Maybe I'll buy a case!