Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Blazer Pub in Purdys NY

This is quite close to the home where I grew up .  A popular hangout in Northern Westchester that is worth a stop if your are ever driving upstate on I684.  This is The Blazer Pub in Purdys, NY.  I have been there on many memorable occcasions.

My Dad had spent many Friday nights with his Knights of Columbus friends playing cards and enjoying the beer and friendship that is abundant at this Pub.  I spent many days and nights enjoying burgers and wings and an occasional beer. ;)

A sexy Bentley

One New Year's Eve, an ex-boyfriend and I were stopping into the bar on the way to Manhattan for a fancy party.  We were asked by a suave gentleman why we were dressed up and where were we celebrating.  Ten minutes into the conversation I realized we were conversing with Ralph Lauren (He had (has?) a home and horse farm in the area)! 

The Celsus Burger is my personal favorite - a juicy burger with swiss and bacon!  This is a place known for their burgers and their huge and crispy fries!

This afternoon was all about burgers.  Actually, the cute senior couple (who I think I recognized) who were sitting across from us were enjoying burgers!  At our table, my brother Bill, Sue, Andrew and I all ordered burgers. 

The Blazer Burger (above) that Andrew enjoyed was smothered with creamy blue cheese, carmelized sweet onions and mushrooms.  Andrew and I agreed that the onions were overpowering...but the burger was still awesome!

The Blazer has a great draft beer selection.  Andrew had a Smithwicks "frosty, cold goodness".  Andrew said it was the best Smithwicks he's ever had.  I had a chardonnay, somehow...

Bill and Sue had juicy burgers, too!  We all loved the bacony, cheesy goodness that is the Blazer Pub Grub!  What a great place to hang with your friends!

I wasn't going to write a post about this today....but, I am drunkenly dedicating this to Margaret, Laura, Karin, Melissa and Rosemary!  Cheers!

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