Friday, April 1, 2011

Strolling Around The Columbus Circle Mall NYC with Salvador Dali

I was in Manhattan on a misty day for a meeting about helping someone with their Social Media needs.  I was a block away from the Columbus Circle Mall and I am always tempted to stop in when I am passing by.  Andrew and I ate at Landmarc last year - an epic lunch with a memorable Foie Gras dish and lovely half bottles of wine.

This time around I had a celebratory lunch at Porter House.  I will add a post about that nice meal in a bit.

I was shocked to find that there was a huge art exhibit called "Salvador Dali - The Vision of a Genius"!  There were ENORMOUS statues on every floor and an exhibit of smaller statues.  What a nice surprise!  The exhibit runs from March 1st through April 30th.  If you have the means, you can buy one or two.

I had some time to kill before my meeting, so I strolled.

Since I didn't have an extra $700k lying around for a statue purchase, I opted for a few cookbooks from Borders.

That reminds me - I really need a mani-pedi!

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