Friday, December 31, 2010

Part 2 - NYE lunch at Alexandros

Then Liz, the friendly and wonderful waitress, brought us the Kefetedes (Greek Meatballs) $8. These are super-flavorful - the mint accent was beautiful! So light - this is one of my favorites.
We ordered the $12 lunch special! Soup, Salad and a Pita Sandwich. We had Avgolemono (lemon orzo soup), small Greek salad and Whole Wheat Gyros. What a bargain! We could not even attempt to eat the gyros...they are here at home for dinner tonight.

In the past - I've had the Mussels - huge lovely bowls of goodness! Garlic/wine mussels. Greek style mussels. and Bacon Spinach mussels. Loved them all.

I've had the grilled octopus. Very nice and big dish.

I've had the Lamb Pita sandwich. Super!

Last time we were at Alexandros I had a beautiful steak and Andrew had the charred chicken.  We still talk about how much we enjoyed that meal.

Once in awhile I stop in and pick up mussels to go.  Andrew and I sit at the kitchen table, eat mussels and talk about the days events.

Nice New Years' Eve Lunch at Alexandros

Alexandros is one of those places I passed (on Rte 25A in Miller Place) so many times and finally went in this past Spring.  I am glad I did. This is authentic Greek Cuisine! The bar seems to be a fun place to hang.  One of the cool things about this place is that they show the World Cup Soccer games! My kind of place!
Today - we decided to have a nice NYE lunch instead of going out for dinner.  We both had the day off, so this was a great option.
We started with Melitzanosalata (above) which is a garlicy eggplant dip served with whole wheat pitas. (they also have regular pitas) $6 and we were served our small Greek salads.

I still have to figure out how to download more than 2 pics at a time. This will hopefully be remedied shortly. Please see my next post about the awesome meatballs and gyros at Alexandros.

Fun at Roanoke Vineyard in 2010

I follow Adam - from Roanoke Vineyards on Twitter (oldgrimy).  He is so knowledgeable about Long Island wines, I felt that I needed to meet him in person. During my visit to their Tasting Room and Vineyard (on Sound Avenue in Riverhead, NY) I was treated like a Queen! Adam and the staff were friendly and knowledgeable and Andrew and I were fortunate enough to taste a large number of delicious, high quality Long Island Wines.  I was partial to the Blend2 - a deep red that reminded me of a French Bordeaux that we served at our wedding in 1998. (1993 Chateau Les Tuileries).
Then, in November I was fortunate to attend Roanoke's "The Judgement of Riverhead".  This event pitted wines from California and France against some of the best of the Long Island Regions wine.  There were tastings of 18 wines (9 whites and 9 reds). The ameteur tasters judged the wines, as well as a panel of experts. All in all, it was very impressive.  Roanoke's Blend1 came out on top in a tie for first. (For more info - check out the blog New York Cork Report - for a more detailed run-down).
I was also honored to attend a charity event to benefit Angelman Syndrome Research.  I tasted 2 awesome Merlots. Roanoke Vineyards 2005 Merlot and Shinn Estate Vineyards 2005 Nine Barrels Merlot. (I loved the Shinn! - just saying)
In 2011 I have decided to join Roanoke's Wine Club.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Long Island has so much to offer!

Almost 16 years ago I moved to Long Island from Westchester, NY. I wanted to start a new life. I met a man, Andrew, who woo'd me with an incredible Porterhouse Steak and his wit and charm. Since meeting Andrew I have never eaten so well.  What it really is - he lets me express myself. I want good food. I want good wine. I want good fun! He does, too.
We are so fortunate to live in Long Island's Wine Country. The North Fork of Long Island. The world is my oyster! Speaking of oysters.....where we sail - there are guys who sell fresh oysters.
We sail on the Great Peconic Bay. We mostly eat on the East End of Long Island.

BBQ 2010 - still more :)

St. Louis Ribs on the grill - Happiness is!

more best of BBQ 2010

The great BBQd  Pork Roast. This will impress most people. Thanks Andrew!

and yet more BBQ hits for 2010

Veal chops - grilled to perfection.
I was suprised that veal was so fatty..but I liked it - as long as it remained hot.
More 2010 Best BBQ
Sometimes simple organic chicken legs (and thighs)  are awesome - when they are barbequed!

2010 Best of BBQ

This being my first post, I have to give most of the food credit to my husband Andrew.  He happily cooks very good food for us. We also go out for great food. I feel that good food and wine and living are important to life.

These are my favorite BBQs of 2010:

Above is the best chili Andrew and I have ever had: Bobbique in Patchogue. Kudos (Smoky and delicious)
This is our friend Mike's homesmoked pastrami! Awesome.

I have to figure out how to fit more pics on each post. Look for a few more posts for 2010 BBQ.