Friday, December 31, 2010

Fun at Roanoke Vineyard in 2010

I follow Adam - from Roanoke Vineyards on Twitter (oldgrimy).  He is so knowledgeable about Long Island wines, I felt that I needed to meet him in person. During my visit to their Tasting Room and Vineyard (on Sound Avenue in Riverhead, NY) I was treated like a Queen! Adam and the staff were friendly and knowledgeable and Andrew and I were fortunate enough to taste a large number of delicious, high quality Long Island Wines.  I was partial to the Blend2 - a deep red that reminded me of a French Bordeaux that we served at our wedding in 1998. (1993 Chateau Les Tuileries).
Then, in November I was fortunate to attend Roanoke's "The Judgement of Riverhead".  This event pitted wines from California and France against some of the best of the Long Island Regions wine.  There were tastings of 18 wines (9 whites and 9 reds). The ameteur tasters judged the wines, as well as a panel of experts. All in all, it was very impressive.  Roanoke's Blend1 came out on top in a tie for first. (For more info - check out the blog New York Cork Report - for a more detailed run-down).
I was also honored to attend a charity event to benefit Angelman Syndrome Research.  I tasted 2 awesome Merlots. Roanoke Vineyards 2005 Merlot and Shinn Estate Vineyards 2005 Nine Barrels Merlot. (I loved the Shinn! - just saying)
In 2011 I have decided to join Roanoke's Wine Club.

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