Thursday, December 30, 2010

Long Island has so much to offer!

Almost 16 years ago I moved to Long Island from Westchester, NY. I wanted to start a new life. I met a man, Andrew, who woo'd me with an incredible Porterhouse Steak and his wit and charm. Since meeting Andrew I have never eaten so well.  What it really is - he lets me express myself. I want good food. I want good wine. I want good fun! He does, too.
We are so fortunate to live in Long Island's Wine Country. The North Fork of Long Island. The world is my oyster! Speaking of oysters.....where we sail - there are guys who sell fresh oysters.
We sail on the Great Peconic Bay. We mostly eat on the East End of Long Island.


  1. Finally...... I knew you would get sucked into writing a blog. You are going to do well as a "foodie blogger"
    Good Luck... let me know if you need any help :)

  2. woohoo! congrats! :) excited to see this grow.lemme know if u ever have questions :)

  3. Thanks Ladies! You guys inspired me to give it a try!