Sunday, March 20, 2011

pizzetteria brunetti - Westhampton Beach, NY - a social media miracle

Our friend Alice suggested that we join her for a trip to Westhampton Beach for a pizza and wine dinner at pizzetteria brunetti.  She had been invited to a demonstration of mozzerella pulling through a contact on Facebook.  We were happy to accompany her.  We would never have heard of this if not for social media!  It makes the world smaller in a good way!

We stopped in at The Patio and enjoyed a drink.  They make a beautiful and tasty Cosmopolitan!  It was a comfortable and welcoming place and we promised to get back there soon.

We walked across the street to an ice cream shop ( Haagan Dazs ) attached to a market and a pizzeria.  There was an OPEN sign that welcomed us in.  It was surprising to walk into a summertime paradise - a bright clean space...but the ice cream counter was closed for the winter and then we saw the little pizza counter and cheered up.  Alice said hello to one of the owners Michael Brunetti - who had styled her gorgeous hair in the past.  We waited for three seats to open and five minutes later we were seated and enjoying a nice Prosecco.

Yes, that pizza slicer is signed by Giada de Laurentiis!  Prosecco drunk in old fashioned glasses is so authentically Italian.  We sometime roll that way in our home.  Andrew is an Italian American and proud of it!

It was so nice sitting comfortably at a marble counter sipping spakling wine and contemplating dinner.

Michael explained the differences in the pizza choices and the fact that these pizzas were Neapolitan pizzas ...all along I already knew what I wanted - but I was almost persuaded to choose differently!  I felt like we were among friends.  What a nice feeling!

We met Michael's son Jason who is the chef and an owner.  What a gorgeous father and son team!

With help of both men, we decided on three pizzas:

Alice ordered the best pie of the night!  A Special called Funghi e Cipolla ($19) - with sauteed mushroom, onion, honey, truffle oil, goat cheese and fresh hebs.  Alice substituted fresh mozzerella for the goat cheese - the pizza was phenomenal.  It was rich and decadent. 

Andrew ordered the Pizza Spezie ($17) - a spicy pizza made with Burrata Cheese (Michael told us it was a cheese made with Ricotta curd with added cream), broccolini, spicy homemade sausage and chili peppers.  What a unique and wonderful spicy tatste! 

I ordered the San Gennaro ($17)  - Tomato sauce (made with imported San Marzano tomatoes), sheep's milk ricotta, homemade sausage, roasted peppers and onion.  This was beyond good!  I have a weakness for sausage and pepper pizza and this was different and great!  Everything was so fresh and delicious!

While we were waiting, we watched our dinner being made and cooked!

We decided to one can refuse to share with a blogger!  But, I was sitting with two of the most generous people I know.  And we feasted!  The whole time asking questions to Michael and Jason!  Jason explained that Neapolitan Pizza is softer than other types of pizza and with the loaded toppings it would have to (partially) be eaten with a knife and fork. 

On their menu it says "We use only imported San Marzano tomatoes grown in the mineral rich volcanic soil of the foothills of Mount Vesuvius.  We also use only the finest Italian cheeses, Imported Prosciutto de Parma, and meats.  Our olive oil is Imported cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.  Our vegetables are organic and locally grown".

There was a wonderful family at the restaurant enjoying pizza and family time - they also ordered the Nutella Dessert Pizza!  They went home happy!  Pizza makes everyone happy! :)

I had a lovely red wine with my pizza.  By the way, that oven was imported from Naples, Italy. 

When Michael's beautiful wife arrived, with a dessert idea, the party popped!  They decided to make a new dessert and try it as a family!  How Sweet!

It was made of marscapone cheese, raspberries, almonds and vanilla sauce on the pizza crust! Wow!

They shared it with us and it was fab!  So yummy!

What a great night!

pizzetteria brunetti is located at 103 Main St., Westhampton Beach.  Go in to eat but make sure you read the menu!  They are committed to taking back slow food and artisinal food artistry!  I love that!  I will make it back there as many times as I can!  Super! :)

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