Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Patricks Day Trip to NYC - LIRR Madness and Tracks Bar at Penn

We love to take the train into the City.  From Port Jefferson, the trip is two hours but we were armed with our pocket Video Poker Games and good conversation.  The train kept filling up with green revellers - some trying to sneak beer onto the train.  When the clinking glass gave them away - the conductor confiscated them.  Times, they are a changin'.   The girl above was ready with her green sneakers and Claddagh Ring tatoo!  Unusually, we did not have to change trains until Jamacia Station.  We got out and were swept across the platform to our next train.  The Maddness had begun!

There was Vodka and Orange Juice flowing - cheering, chanting Sorority Girls and Boys.  A bunch of ear piercing whistles and horns.  Feeling suddenly old, I was glad the ride was only 20 minutes or so.

When were arrived at Penn Station we weaved away from the crowds and found two barstools at our now favorite Bar in New York City - Tracks.  The place was packed with Fireman and party goers.  Fun!

Black and Tan :)  The guy ordered a half and half.  I thought that was humorous!

Jameson Irish Whiskey for the Twenty-Something Set!

We enjoyed a nice big bowl of Guinness Beef Soup, a few Penfolds Chardonnays and a Guinness.  All served by the lovely Theresa!

Then we were off to the Parade (see previous two posts).   And, eventually we made our war back to the bar for an early dinner.

Tracks has a great selection of fresh, delicious oysters, but we decided to go with heartier fare.

Andrew ordered the beef chili. It was so flavorful and warming.

Andrew also ordered the Calamari.  It was served with spicy aioli and marinara sauce and it was very tasty with a nice briny flavor.  The one weird thing was that the little tentacles were removed.  We've never seen this before, but it made it very easy to eat.  Yummy!

I ordered a bison burger with cheddar and bacon and a side of cabbage.  What a great choice!

Thank you Theresa, Liam and everyone for taking such good care of us! 

Me and my wind blown hair enjoying my Video Poker and a cup full of "Pepsi" - (really wine)...don't tell the conductor! ;)


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