Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday Night at Bayview Inn, Jamesport, NY

January 15, 2011 - Birthday Evening
After the lovely day of winetasting (see last post), we arrived at our destination for the night.  The Bayview Inn and Restaurant has been a favorite of ours for years. When we were married in 1998, Chef Tom Lopez was the chef for our wedding.  When he moved from the 2 x 4 in Wading River - where we had our wedding dinner - to the Bayview Inn we followed like true foodie fans.

This time we decided to stay at the Inn after my birthday dinner.  The spacious 1 bedroom was comfortable and convienent.  Just a walk across the parking lot to the restaurant.  (Winter rates $110)

Dinner, as usual, was wonderful.  The staff is welcoming and attentive and the food has never disappointed.  I wanted to start off the night with a Cosmopolitan.  Top-shelf and delicious.  We also ordered a bottle of Bluefish Riesling - it went well with everything.

We decided to go with a favorite appetizer: Fried Calamari.  The cornmeal dusted calimari had a garlic aioli and a bright delicious tomato sauce to dip in. Very Satisfying!

Andrew ordered the Cresent Farm Boneless Duck Framboise.  It was a fabulous dish with flavors of raspberries in a sweet and savory sauce.  The thing about this duck is that the skin is crispy, the sauce is sweet and nice and the meat is juicy.  If you haven't tried Long Island Duck - Give it a try!

I ordered the Asian Grilled Baby Back Ribs.  They had a sweet chili sauce with a unique flavor that makes them irresistible.  The sweet potato fries were crispy and nice.  I was a happy girl.

Since we were staying for the night, we retired to the bar and watched the Steelers/Ravens football game.  Afterwards, we had some time to have a drink with Chef Tom Lopez.  The food talk is always awesome!  Tom said he would let us know when he is making his special rabbit dish and we are looking forward to trying the tripe that he described.  I am a casual girl who likes what she likes.  The ambiance and incredible food at The Bayview Restaurant is right up my alley. 

Happy Birthday to Me!

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