Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wine Wednesday - 2005 Paumanok Cabernet Sauvignon

This Wednesday was the first "#Wine Wednesday" of 2011 on Twitter. Over a year ago, a Twitter and Facebook enthusiast called Twe Sommelier launched #Wine Wednesday. People like me will buy a bottle of wine and describe it on Twitter - adding the hashtag (#) #WW or #WineWednesday. This connects wine lovers on a trending stream. I find it very interesting.

On this first #WW, I decided to try something new and a bit more expensive than I would normally have midweek. I chose a 2005 Paumanok Cabernet Sauvignon. North Fork of Long Island, NY($24)

This was a brilliant red wine! It was smooth, peppery and spicy (we tasted cinnamon and nutmeg) with tastes like cherry and orange in the background. Andrew and I loved it! We are rank ameteurs but we have fun trying to taste as much as we can in the wine.

The wine was great on its own and even better with our organic bison burgers.

A great side-effect about delving into wines from Long Island is that I learn so much about this great region of New York. For example, when reseaching Paumanok Vineyards, I learned (from this fact: "The Native American name for the island is Paumonauk, which means 'fish-shaped island'". My husband Andrew knew this and pointed out that "Isn't it amazing that they knew the shape of the island?!" And I said "They must have walked the perimeter!". Wow! Another thing that I've never thought about before.

On the side of the bottle it reads:
"Paumanok is the only name the great poet Waly Whitman used to describe this special place that is our vineyard's namesake...

Stretch'd and basking!
One side thy inland
ocean laving, broad, with
copious commerce, steamers, sails.

And one the Atlantic's
wind caressing, fierce or
gently - mighty hulls dark-
gliding in the distance.

Isle of sweet brooks of
drinking-water - healthy air
and soil!

Isle of the salty shore and
breeze and brine!

- Walt Whitman

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