Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My trip to NYC - Appointment with Dr. Mark Schwartz

Every three months (or so) I travel to Manhattan's Upper East Side to visit my Plastic Surgeon - Dr. Mark Schwartz - 79 East 79 Street, NYC. He is an awesome doctor who has changed the quality of my life. I have a keloid scar on my chest that was so restrictive that I could hardly turn my head. Not any more...I now have full movement of my head! I have had steroid shots at Dr. Schwartz' office since 2004.
Before I go to my appointment, I go to lunch with Andrew and I have a "few" glasses of wine. This, for me, is a way to face the fear of the inevitable shots. When I finally get to the office, I am like a crazy stand-up comedian....telling Dr. S and the staff about our last 3 months. He likes my jokes and he tells his own. If you have a keloid problem or need the BEST to help you with your plastic surgery needs - this is the Doctor! I had a previous abdominal surgery (in 2004)and Doctor Schwartz did the closing surgery. I am a person who scars badly and I can hardly see my scar!
So, back to the fun part! Today (and many days in the past) we have had our "pre-appointment" lunch at Tracks in Penn Station (see picture below). I am a fan of this place! The food is great and they serve Penfolds as their house Chardonnay! Today, we split an appetizer - the fabulous baked clams..a special that is not on the menu..but is often a special. Then we split an entree of FABULOUS Baby Back Ribs! The vinegar ratio was just right! The ribs came with sweet potato fries (or your choice of side) and cole slaw. Fantastic. And, the bartender Liam, has become a friend. He is the best kind of bartender there is: a friend who listens and remembers.
NYC is a fantastic fun-filled adventure! For example, the cabbie who drove us - in record time! - to the office was a great driver and we had an awesome (and funny) conversation!
And, I must say that with the help of our old Video Poker handheld games...we enjoy the ride! The MTA Long Island Railroad is a great way to get to NYC..so many interesting people - overhearing their life stories on their phones.

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  1. sorry to hear about ur constant needle suffering! eesh. But at least you get to have fun on the way. If I lived close to NY i would take advantage too!