Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Peace - View of the Long Island Sound

Whenever I need a bit of Peace, I head out to the cliff at the end of my street that overlooks the Long Island Sound.  When we bought our home in 1998, we were fortunate to have beach access rights that came with the contract.  Our neighboorhood has a small association that allows citizens access to steps to the beach. Each year, we have the option of purchasing a key that opens a gate near the steps at the top of the cliff. For $100 - it is the bargain of the century.  I only wish all of the families would take advantage of this access.
The Sound is a wonderful place for swimming, fishing, boating and even kayacking.  Andrew is an avid fisherman and this is a place where he can connect with nature and a favorite hobby.
Going down the 200 + stairs is fine.  The walk back up after swimming or the search for seaglass and shells is a bit more difficult. Although, I will always know how lucky I am. Peace.

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